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Welcome to Rotllan Torra, a family-run company which elaborates a limited production of high quality wines. Thanks to our daily efforts, we manage to get excellent fruits that, following a complex and laborious elaboration process, turn into a tempting and elegant wine that satisfies the most demanding palates. Please find below a brief summary of our history.
 Rotllan Torra is a traditional company located in Torroja del Priorat (in the heart of the Priorat D.O.Q.) and has been elaborating high quality wines for years. We marketed our first bottle in 1984, but the evolution and development of all its departments did not begin to be defined until 1995.
The Balandra, our first winery and home, is the symbol of our company. It used to be a farmhouse-winery built by the Carthusian monks of Scaladei in the 16th Century, and it is located in Torroja del Priorat. The Carthusian monks were the first to use this winery for the elaboration of wine (all the grape from the region has been pressed and fermented in our winery for over three centuries).
With the confiscation of Mendizábal in 1835, the property did not belong to the Church anymore. The new private owners kept working on the wine industry until the end of last century, when the phylloxera pest appeared.
The Balandra, our first winery, built by the Carthusian monks in the 16th Century
The winery consists of three naves separated by arcades: the central nave is twice bigger than the other two and reminds of the inside of a church. It faces north, and a nearby natural mine keeps a constant and perfect humidity and temperature for the preservation of wine during the whole year.

Amadis DOQ Priorat

Artikel-Nr.: 1066

24 Monate in amerikanischer Eiche gelagert!

Jahrgang:    2005
Farbe:   Rotwein
Traubensorte: Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon Carinena 
Körper:   Schwerer  Wein
Trinkreife:   Trinkbereit
Lagerfähigkeit:   Kann gut gelagert werden
Flaschengrösse:   7.5 dl

SFr. 59.00